Ready. Aim.
We are a modern, heretical research engine that was created as an antidote to traditional marketing research.
The Red Light Project was founded on three guiding principles:
Nobody reaches for their wallet in a focus group.
You don’t discover the truth in a room with four gray walls, stale coffee and a two way mirror. Instead, you need insights at the moment of truth
Drilling around is more valuable than drilling down.
The best learning attack is from all sides, not just vertically: The Red Light cocktail is a 360 approach.
Research should be a full-contact sport.
Decks of data dropped on a desk are not as valuable as associated action plans. Answering the question…”So therefore, what is the single-minded objective?”
  • Ashley Furniture HomeStore
    • Ethnocepts
    • ZRI
    • Brand Hijaks
    • Friendship Pairs
    • Online Quantitative
    • Pre-Post Awareness Testing
  • Papa John's
    • Immersion Groups
    • Ideation Panels
    • Segmentaion Decoder
    • Pizza Taste Test-Video
    • Online Quantitative
    • Focus Groups
    • Hispanic Discovery
    • Skypographies
  • Dell
    • Ideation Groups
    • Ethnocepts
    • Focus Groups
    • Quantitative
    • Confirmation Test
  • Friendy’s
    • Kidfluencer Groups
    • Enthocepts
    • Ideation Groups
    • Food Tasting Test
    • Predictive Segmentation
    • Friendship Pairs
    • Qualitative Research Confirmation
    • Teen Quantitative Research
    • Journals On-Line
  • hhgregg
    • Integration Audit
    • ZRI
    • Brand Report Card
    • Focus Groups
  • Pepboys Auto
    • Product Stimuli Groups
    • Clutter Reel Analysis
    • Brand Positioning Quantitative
    • Focus Groups
    • Copy Test
    • Pre/Post Media Awareness Test
  • Pine Crest School
    • Dual Method Quantitative
  • White Castle
    • Craver Eat Alongs
    • Cult Trend Panel
    • Craver Groups
    • Predictive Segmentation
    • Quant Research
    • Pre-post Quantitative Testing
    • Online Quantitative Research
  • Sun Capital
    • Ethnocepts
    • Quantitative Research
  • Party City
    • Ethnocepts
    • Ideation Groups
    • Training Evaluation
    • Online Quant
  • Kane’s Furniture
    • Qualitative Test
    • Focus Groups
  • Calistoga
    • ZRI
    • Ethnocepts
    • Competitive Positioning Test
  • AutoNation
    • ZRI’s
    • Groups
    • Quant
    • Employee groups
    • Employee quant
    • Best practice exploratory
    • Ethnocepts trend panel
  • Jackson Hewitt
    • Futurist Ideation Panel
    • Live Consumer Feedback Panel
    • Competitive Track Spend Report
    • Competitive Spend-Online Medium
    • Quantitative Survey
  • Carfax
    • Ethnocepts
    • Hijacks
    • Friendship Pairs
    • Post Production Testing
  • Crocs
    • Trend Panel-Cool Hunters
    • Trend Panel-Moms
    • Trend Panel-Jocks
    • Ethnocepts
  • Lane Bryant
    • Ethnocepts
    • Friendship Pairs
    • Data Mining & Analysis
    • Brand Hijacks
    • Brand Integration Audit
    • Predictive Segmentation
  • Galen
    • Data Mining Analysis
  • The Room Place
    • ZRI
    • Hijacks
    • Integration Audit
  • Six Flags
    • Kidfluencer Panels
    • Ethnocepts
    • Quantitative Research
    • ZRI
    • Restroom Analysis
  • Dental Works
    • Copy and Positioning
    • Quantitative Research
  • Firehouse Subs
    • ZRI
    • Loyalist Eat-Alongs
    • Brand Hijcaks
    • Predictive Segmentation
    • Brand Language/Copy Testing
  • Target
    • Brand Hijacks
    • Ethnocepts
    • Cart Agents
    • Intercepts
  • Porter Novelli
    • ZRI
    • Audit 
  • Bare Necessities
    • Data Mining 
    • Ethnocepts
    • Hijacks
    • Decode
    • Elasticity Studies 
    • RTS
    • Brand perception evaluation
    • Goodness Index
  • Versa
    • Customer Deep Dive 
    • Ethnocepts
    • Brand Hijacks
    • Survey Analysis 
  • Extended Stay America
    • AAU Study
    • Brand Tracker
    • Segmentation
    • Focus Group
  • Activation
    Red Light presentations tell a story, infused with qualitative and quantitative findings, that result in well-informed, move-the-needle recommendations.
  • Hijacks (Moment of Trial)
    We intercept consumers at a direct competitor and incentivize them to shop on that day at the client’s location in exchange for joining them and asking spontaneous questions as they come up during the shopping experience. Truly moment of trial.
  • Ethnocpets™ (Moment of Truth)
    We observe, interact and study consumers in their natural retail setting, which provides a detailed level of information and insight into their behavior allowing us to uncover purchase decision drivers… in the moment of truth.
  • Loyalty Impacts
    To project the increases in customer loyalty, we combine loyalty segmentation with reported revenue and share of business to quantify both the increase in market share and the increase in revenue.
  • Verbatim Tables
    Verbatim's provide a lot of rich information. We report these in digital, auto-filterable sort tables that parallel “subscriber-defined” segmentations to view each individual customer’s comments describing levels of satisfaction, loyalty, competitiveness and share of their business.
  • Elasticity Studies
    Price and certain customer-oriented processes impact volume, satisfaction and loyalty differently. Through projections and advanced analytics, we help to inform strategic and operational decisions.
  • Pairs
    More authentic than traditional focus groups, we uncover customers’ objections to current offerings, identity merchandising, operational and experience-based issues loyalist and rejecters have, pinpointing opportunities to affect change.
  • Discriminate Analysis
    We identify and relate specific conclusions among key customer subgroup defined by performance perceptions or loyalty categorizations.
  • Decode
    Answer key questions: How many consumers are interested? Who are they? What drives their interest? How to maximize the product/ service offering? How to position and merchandise it most effectively?
  • Conjoint
    Using a simulator, our conjoint studies depict in detail how customers face and determine their tradeoff preferences in a way that allows us to provide traditional descriptive segments as well as predictive models for behavioral segmentation.
  • Panels
    We bring experts together with non experts in various categories to determine the disparities of the groups and glean insights into how to close the knowledge and experience gap for the brand or industry of study.
  • Overflow
    We stress their system to identify gaps in the service-profit chain to provide actionable solutions devoid of large Cap Ex investment.
  • Retail Index
    Retail Index is a mathematical formula that weights attributes of a retail experience to arrive at a value perception score, similar to a batting average, that we compare against other brand locations, key competitors and best/ worst in class.
  • iKnow
    Where intercepts meet online survey, Red Light quantitatively captures your target’s moment-of-truth feedback to new products, concepts or creative. 
  • PlanoTags
    Customers’ value perception can surprise you sometimes. By providing your target with the price gun, we collect rich data on how much people would be willing to spend for items on-location.
  • Skypography
    In-depth, one-on-one conversation takes place over Skype with geographically disperse targets to deliver deep qualitative insights through a structured conversation.
  • Brand Integration
    Integration was built as a way to evaluate how well employees represent the brand. By understanding first-hand the hiring, training, onboarding and interaction between colleagues, we can identify opportunities to better deliver the brand promise.
  • Data Mining
    By scoring the database to identify and predict segments by how recent is the purchase, frequency of purchase and monetary value to the company of customers, we can become better marketers.
  • Real Time Satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction can be collected in a variety of ways. Red Light employs a real time satisfaction methodology that is conducted on an ongoing basis to collect real, unbiased, in-the-moment feedback from a core sample of customers.
Jeffrey Dodge
VP, Director of Research

As Vice President, Director of the Red Light Project, Jeff Dodge brings over 20 years of diversified quantitative and qualitative market research expertise accrued from corporate, advertising agency and research supplier environments.
Throughout his multi-faceted research career, Jeff has acquired particular research methodology expertise in brand image and positioning, pricing, market segmentation, new product development, advertising testing and tracking and new concept testing.   Prior to working for over 10 years in the media, telecommunications and technology vertical industries, Jeff had conducted extensive market research in the financial services, gaming, and consumer packaged goods sectors.
In the story-telling business, Jeff excels at weaving observations, insights and data to develop actionable recommendations that can help drive profit and proactively develop new products, all through an enhanced view of our customer.

A native of New England, Jeff received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at the University of Massachusetts and spent a year in Glasgow, Scotland on an international student exchange program. 
After graduating from college, Jeff spent two years as a Peace Corp Volunteer in Morocco where he developed a deep appreciation for widely different cultures and developed a proficiency in both the French and Arabic languages.   
Prior to entering the market research field, Jeff was a legislative aide and speechwriter for a State Senator in Massachusetts.

Clients under Ali’s Management include:
  • Papa John’s
  • White Castle
  • Firehouse Subs
  • Bare Necessities
  • Porter Novelli
  • LG
  • hhgregg
  • Extended Stay America
  • Versa Capital
  • Florida Blue
  • Party City
  • Ashley Furniture
  • Thomas Ashby
    Operations Manager
  • Juliette Philipson
    Planning Director
  • Burgandy Rhines
    Strategy Associate
  • Danielle Syrop
    Research Manager
  • Kimberly Epstein
    Research Associate
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