Tommy Ashby joins the Red Light Project after many years of advertising agency experience. The culmination of nearly 7 years of Advertising Account Service experience at a full-service agency in industries such as homebuilding, automotive, furniture and food service brought him the opportunity to take all of the knowledge he had gained over the years and put them to use in an Operations Management role.  Within his Operations Management experience, he has been able to stretch his “strategic thinking muscles” to develop process and procedures to streamline workflow and trouble shoot problems.
Tommy is a native to South Florida.  With a passion for teaching and a love of math and sciences, he originally went to college expecting to be come a Chemistry Teacher, but found a love for Marketing and Advertising through working in the Health Promotion Department at his University resulting in a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry with a Minor in Business Administration.
Tommy’s unique background/mindset, flexibility, organizational skills, reliability and commitment have made him an integral asset to “get stuff done.”

Thomas Ashby
Operations Manager