As the Research Manager of the Red Light Project, Danielle brings a passion for discovering the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This is evident in her obsession with Law and Order and pretty much every crime show out there. While she did not go to school to be a detective, Danielle did graduate with a degree in Communications from Boston University with a concentration in Advertising and a minor in Psychology.
Prior to research, Danielle held an Account Executive position for several automotive retail accounts. Her experience on the agency side left her wondering why: Why are sales up? Why are sales down? Why is Billy Bob Ford selling so many more cars than us? She could guess it was the weather or the holiday weekend or the salespeople, but she never REALLY knew why. This need for answers was the catalyst for her move to research.
Danielle is certified in focus group moderation from Burke Institute but also enjoys turning spreadsheets into stories with key insights that drive client business.
Born and bred in beautiful South Florida, Danielle loves being at the beach, but also has a hunger for traveling and always tries to have a trip in the queue to look forward to. 
Follow her on Twitter at @syr0p for more!

Danielle Syrop
Research Manager